Jan Willem Visser


The always good-tempered Jan Willem, with his long gray hairs is being almost literally one of the old and wise within the I-TeQ team. Jan Willem has been working at I-TeQ as from the start and he is using this experience as a project manager and system analyst each day in order to cope with the challenges of the customers.

In his free time Jan Willem is a father, husband and a turtle owner. Every working day, just before mounting his bike with his headphones on to start his trip to I-TeQ, Jan Willem is having great fun with the family turtle named Stoffel. This animal has been part of the family for many years and Jan Willem is proud of it.

When you can smell the coffee in the I-TeQ premises you can be sure of the fact that Jan Willem is present at the office. Most of the times he is the first one who prepares the first pot of coffee and takes care of a flying start of himself as well as of his colleagues. Furthermore Jan Willem is a pleasant colleague who is always available for a good advice.


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