Our approach

working with the perspective of 4 firm pillars

With Kratoz our company I-TeQ is offering you a complete package of rental software. Kratoz really does what it promises! This is the case because we strictly hold on to our 4 pillar proven concept. Because of these pillars we able to offer you important guarantees which gives us the differentiatior compared to our competitors and make a difference for you!

Transparency: knowing what you can expect

Most ict-projects are far from transparent. What the customer expects to buy seldom matches reality. Often the development process is not transparent, people are using complex terminology. At I-TeQ we are transparent about our fees and we will tell you exactly what you will receive. That’s why it is important to you to do the development process together.


The best tools to deliver what we promise

We invested in the best tools, in this way we never have to say no to a challenge from a technical point of view. Where other suppliers are stating that with their software everything is possible, we are one of the few that actually can meet that statement. You will receive what we promise. By all means, test and challenge us with all kind of rental related ICT requests.


Tailor-made concept: software that expands your possibilities, not limits your possibilities

Tailor-made software has the image of being expensive as a solution which requires a lot of development time as well. The truth is: as a rental company it is hardly impossible to work with a standard solution. As a dynamic company and differentiator in your market you need software to make a difference compared to your competitors. Software that is scalable and can grow together you’re your ideas. With Kratoz you will have such software. Because of our vast experience with the rental market we have created an extremely flexible system that already helped a lot of colleagues in your market.


An organization without layers: direct contact

You do not like to communicate via account managers that are lacking technical knowledge. You like to talk with the people that are having sector knowledge and the technical knowledge directly. I-TeQ is working witch such people, having the technical expertise related to the rental market and above all, able to communicate properly. In this way we can act much quicker and more effective.


The difference in our working method

We also use our 4 pillars in de way we work. By going through three phases together with you we are able to develop quickly and effectively software that fits your company. You can read more about this under “Working method, discover the difference”.

Our working method
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